We have a few goals at MLK Properties:  one is to build to a higher standard and provide quality finishing in each home.

What makes the difference between an average built home and an MLK built home? The small details and quality craftsmanship as we take our time to do things right.

Here is a quick analogy: Ferrari does not sell cars for $500,000 just because of the tires or engine. It’s in the details, details, details. Ferraris sell for that price because of the three days of painting it takes to complete one car. It’s the perfectly placed steering wheel and gear shifter. It’s the intricate stitching in the seats, matched to the colour of your choice. It’s the carbon ceramic brakes…and the list continues.

Bottom line:  fine details may not be noticeable at first glance, but it’s what makes Ferrari a Ferrari and the other cars simply ordinary.

In our world of home development the word “luxury” is used too frequently and recklessly. It’s lost all of its meaning; it doesn’t have the impact it once did on consumers purchase decisions.

Most developers advertise luxury and deliver it in the big ticket items: media rooms, high-end appliances or granite counters. But true quality building is found in the efforts made towards the less immediately visible features. At first, you are not sure why the kitchen cabinets, crown mouldings, and roof look better; they just do. Take a look at two different roofing finishes:

Standard Roof Installation

Kestrel Drive Roof Installation












The roof installation from our Kestrel Drive project is a great example of how a properly installed roof really highlights how it is necessary to take your time in order to ensure quality building.

So the next time you read “Luxury Home”, make sure you look past this industry buzz words and get down to the fine details, because that’s where you get measurable return on your investment.

Quick Tip: If you have an open living space with high ceilings you can create a stunning design by adding ceiling treatments, decorative columns and millwork.